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Tigra Property Maintenance has a wealth of experience in supplying and installing uPVC windows. We are based in March but provide our window installation service throughout the Cambridgeshire area. Our windows can either be single or double glazed that is really just down to your preference.

uPVC Windows

uPVC stands for unplasticised polyvinyl chloride. This material is completely water resistant and can also be recycled at the end of its life cycle. This makes it a very popular choice of building material and the reason we supply and install uPVC windows in the area.

Benefits of uPVC Windows

uPVC windows is they will not rot or rust even when dealing with the diverse UK weather we have. The material is made the same colour all the way through so does not fade. This makes it very easy to keep clean and looking new. uPVC is also a great insulating material as it keeps the home warmer in winter and cooler in the summer. (That few days of summer we get a year)

UPVC Tilt and Turn Windows

Tilt and turn windows function in two ways. By opening up the top of the window you create ventilation for the property. This is the tilt feature. The turn function is when you open the window inwards to your property. This makes it very easy to clean both sides of the windows from the indoors. These windows are also used as emergency exits.

Reversible Windows

Fully reversible windows are ideal for properties that are located higher up of the ground. The ideal solution for inaccessible location. Being able to completely spin round makes them easy to clean and maintain yourself. We install a lot of these windows into flats and medium to high rises.

UPVC Casement Windows

Our casement windows are attached to the frame by hinges. This used to be the most common window in the United Kingdom until the introduction of the sash window. Still very popular due to the fact they provide a fully open window that is very secure when closed. Due to the locks being hook shaped and embedded I the frame it makes them untouchable. This provides extra security to the property.

UPVC Sash Windows

The sash windows we provide is made of one or more moveable windows. We provide a different variety but our most popular windows are often separated the glass with a glazing bar. The first example of sash windows in England can be dated back to the 1670’s. Sash windows are known for their help in reducing noise pollution. Perhaps the perfect answer for those living near busy roads.

Glazing Prices

When you contact us to discuss your glazing needs we will have one of our experienced glaziers come out to your property. It is here we can get a real idea of how much a job is going to cost. We will then provide you with a quote. You can have peace at mind that there will be no hidden costs at the end of the job. What we break down in our quote is exactly what you will pay.

Please don’t hesitate to contact us in regards to our uPVC windows. We have a team of experts on hand waiting to take your call now on 0845 527 6937. Alternatively, you can send us an email at
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